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thejennakitten  ultimate gas slave experience

thejennakitten ultimate gas slave experience

You and I are just hanging out in my room and when it-s time for you to go, I get up to walk you out and accidentally let a huge fart rip! You look at me with a disgusted look on your face and tell me it-s gross... which really pisses me off. "Sit your ass down in that fucking chair. I-m gonna make you smell each and every one of my farts... matter of fact, I-ll make you smell every bit of gas that comes out of me! Burps and all!" I force you to sit and stew in all of my stench. "How about this," I say... "If I see your dick get hard from all my farts and burps... I will let you leave." You sit there in the chair and watch me fart and burp my ass off, trying to see if that cock flinches. I force my gas into your mouth and waft it to your nostrils and face. Eventually, it does get hard for me and all my stench... but will I let you go? Or will I keep you there to suffer some more? Find out...

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