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Dirtygirl  Thought I Was Alone Hd Nina And Tina

Dirtygirl Thought I Was Alone Hd Nina And Tina

I had a terrible day, with a tummy ache, again from the nasty Chinese take out. The day was terrible at work. As soon as I came home I rush to the bathroom, drop my ass on the toilet and fart 3-4 times, I never checked the tub where my lesbian wife was taking a hot soak! She shoots up right slashing water all over, springs open the curtain and I jump so hard from the fright! She yells at me, then laughs at my embarrassment. I offer to tidy up and leave but she insists I finish up right in front of her. She can smell and hear it all. We talk a little bit, laugh about what just happened. She continues her bathing, as she to fell very ill all day from last nights dinner. She-s pretty drained and needed this hot bath to calm her aching muscles, and relax her, but I sadly ruined it. She swears it-s all ok, she admits she loves my smells, and my farts. I do carry on as she insists I stay, I plop strain and she makes funny straining noises to tease me, I pee alittle, finish my long brownies, we both look at the toilet paper as I clean up. She stares into the bowl and is impressed with my gurthy logs.-nbsp-

Farting  -  Giantess Savannah Fox Ate Bad Chinese Food Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Giantess Savannah Fox Ate Bad Chinese Food Kelsey Obsession

Giantess Savannah Fox has a stomach ache after some Chinese food. It tasted good but felt odd going down, and when Savannah farts she sees why - there were little tiny people in her food and now she-s farting them out! Straddling her fart chair, Savannah is shocked and confused. She collects all the tiny people in her hand, interrogating where they came from and why they were inside her ass. Savannah gets pissed and gets revenge, shoving the whole group back in her ass to torment them with her Chinese food farts. These little tinies are powerless against Savannah-s massive asshole and horrendous gas. The best part is that just when Savannah-s done farting, she still has one tiny guy left hanging onto her bootyhole for dear life and doesn-t even notice. This little man-s gonna be subjected to even more ass humiliation, will he survive?

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