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Dirtygirl  Thought I Was Alone Hd Nina And Tina

Dirtygirl Thought I Was Alone Hd Nina And Tina

I had a terrible day, with a tummy ache, again from the nasty Chinese take out. The day was terrible at work. As soon as I came home I rush to the bathroom, drop my ass on the toilet and fart 3-4 times, I never checked the tub where my lesbian wife was taking a hot soak! She shoots up right slashing water all over, springs open the curtain and I jump so hard from the fright! She yells at me, then laughs at my embarrassment. I offer to tidy up and leave but she insists I finish up right in front of her. She can smell and hear it all. We talk a little bit, laugh about what just happened. She continues her bathing, as she to fell very ill all day from last nights dinner. She-s pretty drained and needed this hot bath to calm her aching muscles, and relax her, but I sadly ruined it. She swears it-s all ok, she admits she loves my smells, and my farts. I do carry on as she insists I stay, I plop strain and she makes funny straining noises to tease me, I pee alittle, finish my long brownies, we both look at the toilet paper as I clean up. She stares into the bowl and is impressed with my gurthy logs.-nbsp-