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princess kristi the fart princess  getting fart punished by your best friends hot mom hd fartprincess

princess kristi the fart princess getting fart punished by your best friends hot mom hd fartprincess

This is a custom filmed video, email me to order yours! You are over at your best friend-s house and you have always had the hots for his mom. She is SO hot. She has a really big butt and loves wearing yoga pants and you have found yourself infatuated with her lately. Your friend-s mom isn-t home from work yet and your curiosity has gotten the best of you.... you just have to know what her panties smell like. You sneak into her room while your friend is in the bathroom.You find the hot MILF-s clothes hamper and it-s your lucky day! There is a pair of dirty panties right on top. You grab them and bring them to your face and begin to inhale the delicious aroma of your best friend-s mom pussy until.... oh no! The MILF just got home and you didn-t hear her coming it... she just busted you in the act of sniffing her panties! You are in BIG trouble now... she is pissed! You are so afraid that she is about to call your mom and you just know how that is going to go.... but.... she doesn-t! She tells you that she is going to teach you a lesson about sniffing adult women-s panties without permission... you start to get scared.... you don-t know what she has planned but she sure is pissed off. She walks over to you and grabs you by the back of the head and shoves your face into her ass! She commands you to sniff her stinky unwashed ass! But this isn-t good enough for her, you are not learning your lesson fast enough! She demands that you follow her to the bed. The hot MILF with the big booty gets on the bed on all 4-s and commands you to stick your face in her ass once again.... you slowly crawl up behind her and do as you-ve been told... your face is deep in her ass.... you began to smell and -braaaaap-! The hot big booty MILF totally just let a huge fart rip right in your face! What the fuck was that? She just farted in your face dude. But she isn-t done yet... oh no, far from it. She keeps farting and making you inhale them but she is still super pissed!She pulls her yoga pants down and makes you swallow her raunchy farts through her panties! She keeps fart torturing you but she is still raging! Finally she pulls her panties down and makes you worship her asshole and eat the farts right out of her bare asshole. Finally the hot mom seems to have cooled off. She tells you to never sniff her panties again and sends you on your way. You leave feeling confused... dirty... violated... and strangely aroused.