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young milf aura  dont make it in time

young milf aura dont make it in time

My stomach is upset, but the farts have been small so I get brave. I quickly release the next big fart, trying to make my stomach feel better, but a whole lot more comes squelching out. I get up, awkwardly hurrying to the bathroom, trying to keep my legs apart and not rub it in. I-m dying to go by the time I get to the bathroom.. but it-s locked. My roommate won-t get out even though I tell her it-s an emergency, I bounce and cross my legs, desperately trying not to go, but the diarrhea can-t be stopped. I release, wetting my tight yoga pants in big wide streams and not stopping, wet, explosive farts coming too. I-m soaked and dripping in my diarrhea filled panties, but I-m not done. I beg to be let in, it isn-t just pee dripping down my legs, but she ignores me. I finally peel off the wet pants, sticking to my legs as I try not to rub anything in. I keep going, holding it in as best I can, wet explosions as I beg to get into the bathroom and finish, my stomach in such knots I can barely straighten up. (I can-t show the back of the panties as it shows through)

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